A complete guide to choosing the best electric pruning shears, from real pruning equipment experts.


To carry out gardening work, whether professional or amateur, you need specific tools, each designed to perform a precise function. One of the main activities of this department is pruning. This practice covers all actions aimed at altering the natural growth and fruiting of plants.

The world of pruning equipment has been revolutionized in recent years by the widespread use of battery-powered tools, which has accelerated how and when tree limbs can be pruned. In addition to being more durable than traditional hand shears, electric battery-powered pruning shears have proven essential for pruning branches and shrubs significantly faster.

electric pruning shears

1.What are electric battery-powered pruning shears?

Battery-operated pruners represent a natural evolution of the classic garden shears. This groundbreaking tool is designed to cut and prune branches faster and more accurately, thanks to a lithium battery that provides the mechanical drive.

These tools are also great for large diameter branches. There are different types of battery-operated scissors available in the market that are capable of cutting cleanly through different thicknesses of wood depending on the technical specifications of the model. The most powerful models can effortlessly chop branches up to 50 mm in diameter.

Electric pruners on the market may include batteries mounted directly on the base of the device or in a housing backpack that can be connected to the shears via a cable.

The trigger that activates or blocks the cutting process is located at the height of the handle. The most advanced models allow you to change the opening of the blade to adjust the width of the cut depending on the thickness of the branches you want to prune.

2. What are the main features to consider when purchasing electric pruners?

Electric pruners on the market vary greatly from each other due to the different uses they are designed for. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to some important factors before proceeding with the purchase to guide you in choosing the device that best suits your needs.


Battery type: Electric tree pruner can be powered by the device’s built-in battery or backpack battery.

Typically, the first category of pruners includes models designed for amateurs and professionals involved in pruning operations. Although the integrated battery has a relatively short battery life, multiple batteries can be purchased to extend the working life. These electric shears are ideal for pruning small to medium-sized rose gardens, orchards and vineyards.

Electrical pruner with backpack batteries are designed for professional use in large vineyards or orchards. Batteries in your backpack allow you to work longer without the weight of heavy equipment. Additionally, these pruners are usually battery powered, have longer run times, and have enough power to cut through the toughest shrubs (40-50mm).


Weight: Battery-powered pruners, without batteries, can vary in weight from 700 g to 2 kg. For frequent pruning operations in vineyards, orchards or large gardens, it is recommended to purchase lighter electric pruners. The perception of the weight of battery-powered electric shears and the fatigue associated with using them is largely subjective.

Therefore, anyone wishing to use this equipment should consider not only the range of crops and types of shrubs to be pruned, but also their own physical fitness.

45mm electric pruning shears

Manual use or on extension pole:

Another basic difference in the electric battery-operated pruning shears category is the two different ways of holding the tool.

Electric pruners for hand use include models ranging from hobby to professional, with varying total weights. If the shrubs to be pruned are at an easily accessible height, then choosing this type of handle is the most logical choice. The weight of most pruners is suitable for anyone, making them the easiest to handle and versatile.

If the branches to be pruned are at a height that is difficult to work by hand or using a ladder, electric pruners on extension poles are an obvious choice.


Diameter of the branches:

In order to choose the best battery-operated pruning shears for your needs, you must consider the type of branches you want to prune and their thickness. As the latter increases, so does the resistance of the shrubs, requiring powerful electric shears with appropriate mechanical power to prune them.

Generally speaking, for branches no larger than 35 mm, amateur or semi-professional pruners are sufficient. On the other hand, when you regularly prune branches with a thickness of 40 to 50 mm, you need to use professional pruners, which can trim them effortlessly.

3. Two kinds of batteries

As mentioned earlier, electric pruners on the market can be identified in two different configurations due to the placement of the battery relative to the device. This is the most important as it has a direct impact on the intended use.


Integrated battery

The electric pruner device with integrated battery has no cables at the bottom and is very convenient to operate. A battery charger is always included with purchase to allow you to charge your pruners after use. Electric pruners with integrated battery are easy to operate and compact, designed for smooth, effortless trimming.

The limitation of these tools is the low autonomy of the work of the power source, which usually does not exceed four hours, but generally equipped with multiple batteries, it is also possible to work for a full day. Therefore, these devices are designed for hobbyists as well as professionals.

sc-8607 electric pruner


Backpack battery

If you need to regularly prune large-diameter branches (40-50 mm), you can choose electric pruners with backpack batteries. Arranging the battery on a comfortable backpack is purely a practical solution: without the heavy weight of placing the power supply directly on the device, arm fatigue during trimming is much less.

This allows all demanding pruning jobs to be carried out efficiently. The amperage of the batteries provided will allow you to operate for at least a day without having to stop to recharge or replace batteries.

4. Are electric pruners used manually or on an extension pole?

The second difference between battery-powered electric scissors involves two different ways to use the device. Some pruners have manual handles, while others are designed to attach to extension poles. Just like the different positions of the battery relative to the pruners, the type of grip will also affect its areas and range of use.


Manual use

If you need a practical and full-featured tool, cordless electric pruning shears for manual use, either with integrated batteries or backpack batteries, are the perfect choice. Being able to operate pruners by hand is essential to carry out pruning work easily and efficiently in vineyards, hedgerows and small fruit trees.

With the integrated battery, the overall weight of battery operated hand pruners use makes them suitable primarily for hobby and professional pruners.

electric pruners


Use on extension pole

Electric pruning shears with extension pole are ideal for professional work at height, eliminating the need for a ladder or step stool. In fact, with these tools, pruning can be easily done on the ground. Additionaly, many models are equipped with telescopic poles that allow the working height to be set.



5. Blade opening

Electric pruning clippers have blades that open to varying degrees, which determines their level of expertise and flexibility of use. The greater the number of blade openings, the greater the pruner’s ability to meet a variety of job requirements.

Using battery operated pruning secateurs with an opening of 35-40 mm, branches and shrubs of considerable diameter can be trimmed. Likewise, the smaller blade opening allows for longer working hours and reduces the need to recharge the battery, as the time required to cut each branch is significantly reduced. This is because the blade takes a shorter path to cut the branches and bring them together.

Cordless electric secateurs models generally come with two blade opening percentages (80% and 100%), but we also have some of our highest-end shears with optional opening control, designed specifically for professional pruners.

6. Pruning diameter

The power of an electric pruner determines its level of expertise and therefore the diameter of branches the blade can cut without stressing the device.

18-22 mm low power hobby level
25-30mm average power hobby/ semi-professional level
31-35mm medium-low power hobby/ semi-professional level
36-40mm medium-low power semi-professional/ professional level
41-50mm very high power professional/ industrial level

7. Different cutting systems

Most electric pruners on the market not only have standard cutting patterns, but mechanically replicate the pruning methods of traditional manual pruners. In fact, many of these tools use their motors to provide users with additional features, such as progressive cutting.

One of the great advantages of having a motor in a tool like pruners is the progressive cut. While in some models this feature is preset and not interchangeable, in others it can simply be turned on and off as needed.

Progressive Cut allows the blade opening to be adjusted based on the pressure applied to the pruner’s trigger. If the trigger is fully depressed, the blade will cut at maximum capacity. Instead, by only partially depressing the trigger, the blade slides proportionally to the pressure exerted on it.

The first advantage of battery-operated pruners with progressive cutting is their safety: in an emergency, the user can stop cutting immediately. Additionally, this feature is useful when pruning large numbers of closely spaced branches that require a narrow blade opening for cutting.


Importance of Electric Pruners Proper pruning is essential to ensure the correct development of the plant organism. Therefore, before purchasing battery-powered pruners, it is necessary to consider their working range. Once determined, special attention should be paid to the weight of the equipment.

Overweight pruners can be tiring to operate, especially over the course of a fairly long job. In this case, there is a risk of reduced cutting precision and, therefore, a high risk of making mistakes and thus losses. When a large amount of pruning work is to be carried out, it is possible to choose lightweight electric pruners with ergonomic handles. is decisive.

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