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Name: Electric pruning chain saw/Mini Chainsaws     Model: SC5802

SUCA Electric pruning saw/Mini Chainsaws

Mini chainsaws are great for powering through light-duty lumberjacking projects, like pruning branches and cutting small logs. Their rugged design and powerful motors pack a serious amount of cutting power into a small package, and offer a durability that users typically won’t find in other power saws. They’re not great for precision cuts, but if you’re looking for a tool to quickly and effectively chew through wood, one of these tools will have you covered. Chainsaws—regardless of their size—require substantial control by the user to be operated safely, so if this is your first chainsaw, take the time to thoroughly review the instruction manual.


What to Consider

When choosing a mini chainsaw, take the time to consider what you’ll be using it for. Most importantly, are you going to be pruning trees or bushes that would otherwise require you to get on a ladder to reach? In that case, we would definitely recommend opting for one of the options that include a pole attachment, allowing you to reach high branches while remaining safely on the ground. If you don’t want to worry about wrangling extension cords or hunting for outlets while you work, you’ll probably want to opt for a battery-powered option. If you’re short on storage space, you may want to go for an extra-compact, one-handed model.


How We Chose

We have years of experience using a variety of chainsaws, large and small, through our time spent as a landscaper as well as for at-home projects. This experience, combined with extensive online research, helped us curate this list of mini chainsaw options. Most users will probably only need their chainsaw for occasional projects, but for those who plan on using their saw more frequently, and for heavier-duty jobs, we made sure to include a commercial-grade option as well. We also did our best to include a range of styles and sizes, from tiny 4-inch blades, to larger 10-inch options.

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