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Name: Electric Pruning Shear     Model: SC-8603

1. Cutting Diameter: 28mm

2. Weight: 0.9kg

3. Power : 500w

4. Li-battery: 16.8V2Ah 

5.Working time: 2-3hours  

6.Charging time:1.5-2 hours

7.Charger feed voltage:110~240v

8. Working environment temperature range: -10-50℃



ELectric pruning shears  Specifications

1、Pruning efficiency for long time is 3-5 times higher than using common scissors.

2、Easy to use the ELectric pruner, just press the button for a brisk, branches immediately are cut down, branches cut flush and beautiful

3、Labor-saving and efficiency,the Electric Pruning Shear  is the first choice for farmers and garden workers

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