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Name: SUCA electric chainsaws with LCD screen battery powered chain saw     Model: SC-5803A
SUCA electric chainsaws with LCD screen battery powered chain saw.
Li-battey 16.8V/2A/4A
Rated power 350W
Max cutting diameter 120mm
Guide 5\\\\'\\\\'
Chain speed 11m/s
Chain sprocket 7teeth
Chain size 1/4\\\\'\\\\'  32E
Rotation speed 4000rpm
Thickness of the guide 3.2mm
Charging time 2hours
Working time 60mins
Machine weight 0.88kg
Battey weight 0.26/0.36kg
Packaging Plastic box + Carton
With two batteries

Zhejiang GuYueHu Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd, founded in 1984, specializing in the production of SUCA Electric pruning shears, Electric chainsaw, Tapetool, Grafting tools, Tomato pollinators and Other garden tools.

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